Thursday, November 5, 2009

TMI, but I can't help myself

Yeah, y'all know what this is: Those .0001 mm pieces of "safety" between your ass and a public toilet seat.

Whether it actually works or not, I can't say, but your damn straight I use them if they're in the stall. I feel guilty when I use up a lot of TP to cover the seat cover, but that doesn't stop me. These just seem more environmentally responsible. Always good to be green while on the crapper.

Sorry for the gratuitous shoe scene, but they are pretty hot, huh? No, they are NOT chucks. I have nothing against chucks, it's just these were pink, on sale, and had side pockets on the heel. They're Levi's.

Hey, it also looks like my work stalls are on the extreme set up for those "special" weeks. Check it: TWO sanitary disposals.

Yeah, yeah, moving on. What gets my goat? Those three perforations you have to deal with before you can finally get some relief and relieve yourself.

Those three little perforations set me up for a complete panic attack because I can't quite wait. Usually if I'm in a public situation, it's pretty drastic and I'VE GOT TO GO! So wasting time on this is ridiculous. Plus, in your hurry you always end up ripping the tissue, rendering it useless, and having to start all over again, all while turtle heads are a-poking.

TMI? Sure. Have we all succumbed to this? You bet your butt!

Yankee Doodle Dandy,


  1. I don't use 'em. That hard white plastic is what they make toilet seats out of specifically because it's not a happy place for bacteria to grow.

    Plop down and then plop down.

    Don't fear the reaper.

  2. I figured the force of your power BMs would rip right through that paper, perforations or not.